Plexiglass has the advantage of being completely customizable. This allows us to design displays of all shapes and sizes Whether it’s to showcase your products or for security purposes, it will adapt to all situations.

There are a large number of colors as well as finishes that you can give to your plexiglass display. Yet another advantage of this material is its strength, which allows you to make any type of display regardless of the configuration or dimensions that your products require. Plexiglass is a great product for all your signage and visual needs. We work on the design, manufacture, labeling and visual signalling of your store.

Here’s a list of examples of what you can do with plexiglass products:

You will see some plexiglass applications in our gallery below.

  • Candy boxes, raffles, bulk foods and donations
  • Gift card displays
  • Office accessories
  • Advertising boxes and easels
  • Magazine displays
  • Brochure
  • Shelves for exhibition booth
  • Bookends and wine bottles
  • Menu holders, brochures, leaflets and posters
  • Photo frames and evacuation plans
  • Display and signage
  • Display cases for models
  • Acrylic panels